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Published On 4/3/2020
The Civil Practice Act’s section on depositions, states that a remote deposition is taken “at the place where the deponent is to answer questions.” This language is at the top of page 2, Section (b)(4) of the attached article.

Danny Gershwin's interpretation of this is that this would apply to the time zone as well – so the deposition takes place at the time and place where the witness is, regardless of where anyone else is.
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Published On 4/2/2020
Financial Resources for NCRA Members During the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis. See article for more details.
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Published On 3/25/2020
Advisory Opinion 47 came out today. We have attached AO 47 for your review. You should have received something from the AOC also. In a nutshell, Georgia Certified Court Reporters are allowed to swear in witnesses via videoconferencing/zoom.
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Published On 10/7/2019
Learn more about this program and how it can benefit you. Click on the arrow for more details!
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