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The Georgia Court Reporters Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement, promotion, and protection of the court reporting industry in Georgia. Its membership is open to all Georgia certified court reporters, as well as CART/broadcast captioners who call Georgia home.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of the remarkable career paths of court reporting and captioning as the demand for our rare skill set continues to skyrocket. Our efforts include yearly continuing education seminars, government relations, and public information events. The membership of GCRA work on some of the most important issues before our society in the court system and facilitate access to educational and entertainment opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing. We reside in all areas of the Peach State and love what we do.

March 2020 Bylaws update:
The Bylaws have not been substantially updated since the early 2000's. In August 2018, they were modified to allow for stenomask/voice writers to become participating members; a name change from Georgia Shorthand Reporters Association to Georgia Court Reporters Association; and adding electronic voting and the use of email for board activity in some circumstances.

The major updates in these March 2020 Bylaws clarifies the term "court reporter"; adds more language for electronic voting; streamlines the Articles; and gives the Board of Directors the authority to make amendments to the Bylaws, with the exception of having participating members vote on allowing membership of any other method of reporting that's recognized by the Board of Court Reporting.

Charna Perloe
Bylaws Committee

Georgia Court Reporter Association Bylaws