The Georgia Court Reporters Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement, promotion, and protection of the court reporting industry in Georgia. Its membership is open to all Georgia certified court reporters, as well as CART/broadcast captioners who call Georgia home.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of the remarkable career paths of court reporting and captioning as the demand for our rare skill set continues to skyrocket. Our efforts include yearly continuing education seminars, government relations, and public information events. The membership of GCRA work on some of the most important issues before our society in the court system and facilitate access to educational and entertainment opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing. We reside in all areas of the Peach State and love what we do.


Announcing the Georgia Court Reporters Association!

As you may have heard by now a quorum of Participating Members of the Georgia Shorthand Reporters Association gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday, August 18th, 2018, and voted unanimously to adopt the Board’s proposed changes to the Bylaws. Our voice writer colleagues across the state can now join our association as full Participating Members (and several have), the Association has been renamed Georgia Court Reporters Association, and we can vote online and by proxy on future proposals, effective immediately.

Please be patient as we update our web and social media presence with the new name and branding. As of now any Certified Court Reporter in Georgia who wishes to join GCRA may do so through the Membership page at http://georgiacourtreporters.org/join-us/. The Board of Directors is now constituted as follows: Donna Fishman, Vice President; Charna Perloe, Treasurer; Karla Pittman, Secretary; Angela Matthews, Director; Marcia Arberman, Director; Vickie Wiechec, Director; Karen Jett, Director; Colette Wayda, Director; and Matthew Moss, President.

The Board now calls on you to volunteer for one of the committees that will help supplement and bolster our efforts to continue serving and representing the interests of Georgia court reporters. Those committees are:

Legislative Committee

We need people with a command of the regulatory environment around court reporting who will be prepared to rapidly analyze any proposals that arise in relation to our industry, to provide recommendations to the Board for legislative initiatives, and to collaborate with our lobbyist to effectively advocate on behalf of Georgia court reporters.

Bylaws Committee

Our recent experience in amending these Bylaws revealed to us a number of areas in which they are outmoded and in need of refreshment. This Committee will collaborate on that mission and provide recommendations to the Board for future proposals to submit to the membership.

Membership Committee

It is imperative that we have up to date information on our Participating Members in good standing as well as ideas on how we might invite our professional peers to become active members of their state association.

Public Relations Committee

To raise awareness of what we do among the general public this group will be the primary source of volunteers the Board will dispatch to career days, association events, law firms, and law schools, and will collaborate on the generation of viral advertising campaigns in the social media age.

Student Liaison Committee

We must connect our student and reporter community in Georgia. We will soon be launching a mentorship initiative, and we need this committee to help connect mentors and students and outline a formal structure around the mentorship.

A to Z Committee

This committee will organize the efforts of our NCRA members around the planning, promotion, and logistical support of A to Z programs throughout the state.

Please communicate your interest in serving on any of these committees to contact@gsra.org.

-Matthew Moss, President
Georgia Court Reporters Association


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